Original paintings by Tina Thieme Brown.    


Wedding Vow
Black Hills Ranger
Rising Tide
Troubled By You
This Is My Country
Loves A Truck
The Wind So Still
Am I Falling In Love With You Again?
A Song For Jeff
Still (The Soldier’s Song)
Way Down In Dixie Land
The Civil War Was Over

Listen to "Levon"

Sugarloaf Mountain Records is proud to introduce "Rising Tide," our new CD by Rhododendron Road!

Rhododendron Road is a unique blend of musicians of different ages, experiences, and musical backgrounds, who all share a love for the new Rhododendron Road  sound that they have created together. This group of musicians first came together as a studio band to record a few of singer-songwriter Jim Choukas-Bradley’s original compositions as demos to be placed with other singers. The musicians were put together by guitar maestro Jesse Daumit, one of the Washington-Baltimore region’s leading guitar stylists and teachers. Soon Jim and Jesse and the other musicians – bassist Jeff Reed, drummer Mike Kuhl, vocalist Amanda Joy Olsavsky, and guitar prodigy Jesse Choukas-Bradley – were having so much fun, and were so pleased with the sound, that they decided to expand their recording sessions to create a full CD, and to start playing out.

People hear many influences in the songs and the music. Bob Dylan, The Band, Neil Young. Tom Petty, Jerry Garcia, and Warren Zevon are names often mentioned.

The songs are for the most part “story songs.” They have something to say. The title tune of the first CD, Rising Tide, is about Hurricane Katrina and the abandonment of the people of New Orleans, for example, and it tells the story as it happened, with a power that builds like the flood itself.

Sugarloaf Mountain Records, Inc. wishes to thank Susan A. Roth for the use of her photographs,
and Tina Thieme Brown for the use of her paintings on this website.

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