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"Rising Tide"
by Rhododendron Road

10. A Song For Jeff (4:58)

The sun went down.
I looked across the room.
What happened, happened.
But it happened way too soon.
I watched for you to reappear
And whisper something in my ear.
And soon, it will have been a year,
My love.

Do you believe in miracles? I do.
A sudden breeze, a flash of wings, it's you.
A guitar playing plaintively
Strums the chords of memory.
Your perfect voice in harmony,
My love.

And so I think of yesterday and you.
I tell myself that what I can't conceive
Is really real, is really true.
And in my heart, I do believe
That someday I will be with you.
That someday it will all be true.

The sun goes down.
I walk across the room.
What happened, happened,
And it happened way too soon.
Tomorrow I may see the sign
And know the timelessness of time
And generations out of mind,
My love.

Words and music by Jim Choukas-Bradley.
Amanda Olsavsky: vocals;
Jim Choukas-Bradley: vocals, acoustic guitar;
Jesse Choukas-Bradley: vocals, lead and rhythm guitar;
Jesse Daumit: vocals, lead and rhythm guitar;
Jeff Reed: bass;
Mike Kuhl: drums.

Recorded at Bias Studios, Springfield, VA.
Engineered and mixed by Jim Robeson.

I wrote this song on the first anniversary of the death of my close friend Jeff Daniels. Jeff was a wonderful man of many passions and talents, among them being an extraordinary guitar player and singer, especially of harmonies. Jeff died of cancer, way way before his rightful time. The song is written in the voice of Jeff's deep, loving wife Terrie, and captures
in words some of the miracles that she experienced and passed on to her close friends in the days and weeks following Jeff's passing, miracles which showed her that his spirit was often nearby, seeking to comfort and reassure her as she continued on in life.

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